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New Ownership at Bid For Wine

Posted in Advice, Site improvements and modifications with tags on February 8, 2018 by Bid for Wine

First and foremost thank you for your patience over the prolonged outage at Bid For Wine.

Consigning and buying functionality has now been restored to the website.

Bid for Wine is also now under new ownership in a partnership between Forum Auctions, London’s newest specialist auction house, and Auction Marketer, a leading supplier of technology to the auction industry.

We look forward to enhancing Bid for Wine’s offerings and will be introducing a number of new features. With your help we will place the Bid for Wine offering back at the forefront of both functionality and user friendliness in the online wine market.

In the coming months we will be bringing enhanced consignment features, a predictive listing assistant and a more curated listing funnel into the site.

In the meantime if you would like to discuss larger consignments for sale at auction or by private treaty please contact Richard Brierley at or call 020 3870 8900.


The Bid for Wine team


Minimum Commission Charges on Consigned Lots

Posted in Advice, Auction help and tips, News, Site improvements and modifications on August 6, 2012 by AB

When we founded Bid for Wine in 2008, one of our key objectives was to provide a route to market for small parcels of old, rare or unusual wines which might not otherwise be available. Since then we’ve counted Soviet-era Moldovian wine, 1960s Pouilly Fuisse and 1880s claret amongst the items consigned to us for sale. Whilst our customers appreciate having the opportunity to purchase these wines, we often hear the comment that such lots are too small to make it cost effective to pay for shipping. From an operational point of view they present a challenge too as, once warehouse charges, time and administrative overheads are taken in to account they regularly cost us substantially more to sell than we actually take in commission.

From 1st September 2012 we will be introducing a minimum charge of £12+VAT on all lots consigned for sale to reflect the true costs involved in our offering these wines for sale. We expect that this will either encourage consignors to parcel up wines for sale rather than drip-feeding them in over a period of time or that where sellers are using Bid for Wine to thin their cellar we will see an increase in multiple bottle lots rather than single bottles. From a buyer’s point of view we hope this will give you access to more of the wines you want and in larger quantities.

Finally we should add that this change will not affect lots sold via the ‘direct’ listing route – only lots which are consigned for sale. We would however note that the point regarding the disproportionately high cost of shipping does apply to ‘direct’ listings. As such you are likely to find that your wines fetch a better price when offered in lots larger than just a single bottle.

Caveat Emptor – Fake Wines!

Posted in Advice, News on July 4, 2011 by AB

As demand and prices for rare and old wines increase there are an ever increasing number of fake bottles being offered by people keen to capitalise on the market. We take every care to guard against being an outlet for such bottles but have to remain vigilant. It’s not only auctioneers and merchants who get offered fakes though – so the reason for this post is to draw our customer’s attention to a message received earlier today from a Belgian auctioneer:

I would like to ask your attention for some important issues:

Unfortunately there are many false wines in the market at the moment.
This Saturday I was asked together with my colleague Luc van Zon by Chris Thiran from Belgium Wine Watchers to look at a very special collection offered to him.

Among the collection 1961 en 1947 Petrus in magnum, 1961 Latour à Pomerol, large quantities 1947 en 1961 Lafleur (more than 100 bottles in total, complete list at end of this message)

A beautiful collection but unfortunately all bottles are unmistakable frauds!

The persons trying to sell are from the region North France, Brussels and Mons.
We think that they will try to sell the bottles individually or thru Ebay.
If these bottles are presented to you please be aware.

Winelist :

18 cht latour à pomerol 1961(négoce étiquette même que cht)
6 cht petrus 1959 (négoce étiquette même que cht)
12 cht petrus 1961(négoce étiquette même que cht )
13 cht petrus 1952(négoce étiquette même que cht)
13 cht lafleur 1961(négoce étiquette même que cht )
3 cht cheval blanc 1949(mise calvet)
1 cht petrus 1945(négoce étiquette même que cht )
6 cht lafleur 1947(négoce étiquette même que cht)
6 cht yquem 1921(vandermeulen decanniére ostende)
12 cht cheval blanc 1947(mise calvet)
12 cht la mission haut brion 1955(négoce étiquette même que cht)
12 cht lafleur 1950(négoce étiquette même que cht)
12 cht petrus 1950(négoce étiquette même que cht)
2MG de cht petrus 1947(négoce étiquette même que cht)

5MG de cht petrus 1961(négoce étiquette même que cht )

Again all false bottles !!!

-Corks are too small
-Copied labels
-Capsules do not match
-Most of the bottles will have blue negociant capsules, they come off easy and show the not matching corks.

Shipping Lots for Christmas

Posted in Advice, News on December 7, 2010 by Bid for Wine

We have several cut-off dates for shipments before Christmas depending on where the wine is lying (specified under ‘Shipping details’ at the bottom of each listing – see right).

16TH DECEMBER UPDATE: Our Couriers have advised us that due to snow they are unable to guarantee any that any stock collected by them from Monday 20th onwards will be delivered before Christmas. Our apologies for this.

For stock at EHD

-All requests for UK delivery must be received by Sunday 19th December at the latest.
-Requests to collect stock can be processed up until 1pm on 21st December.
-Requests for overseas shipments must be received by 12th December.

For Stock at BWA Logistics

-All requests for UK delivery must be received by Sunday 19th December at the latest.
-Requests to collect stock can be processed up until 1pm on 21st December.
-Requests for overseas shipments must be received by 12th December.
For Stock at Stevenage

-For UK delivery at our usual rates, requests for delivery from Stevenage must be with us by 12AM on Friday 10th. Orders placed between 10th and 19th December will be processed but may incur a delivery surcharge if required before 24th December.
-Requests for overseas shipments must be received by 10th December.
-Requests for delivery placed after 21st December will be processed from Tuesday 4th January 2011.

Wine Investment Cold Calls – a Warning

Posted in Advice, News on November 16, 2010 by AB

I’d like to draw attention to what appears to be a new scam in the often murky world of wine investment (see Jim Budd’s Investdrinks Blog) – namely hijacking the name of an established business. The fraudsters then use the name to sell wines for investment, presumably with the intention of pocketing investors’ funds and leaving the legitimate business taking the heat.

I became aware of the ‘scam’ yesterday evening after I was emailed by a gentleman wishing to complain about several cold calls made to him, ostensibly by one of my employees. The caller was apparently rude and persistent.

The email was a surprise and puzzled me for several reasons:

  • Firstly we do not solicit for business by cold-calling.
  • Secondly we have no employee with the name I was given.
  • Thirdly I am deeply sceptical about wine investment in general. This stems from regularly having to auction off stock at for people who have been mis-sold wines as being suitable for investment and have then seen the deal gone sour. I would always advise anyone considering putting their money in to wine to look beyond the sales pitch and, if still convinced, only to purchase wines as from serious, long standing ‘blue chip’ merchants.

I am sure that we at Bid for Wine ( are not the only ones who are having our name misused in this manner and I would urge the trade to be vigilant and anyone being contacted by cold-callers selling wine as an investment to take details and pass them on to the police. In addition, if anyone encounters our name in association with such a sales pitch I would be very grateful for any information!