A Bid for Wine Update

Dear Bidforwiners,

With the unplanned departure of Chris Hambleton, as communicated to us all last week, I would like to formally introduce Jack Chapman and Dianne Wall who have been working with Chris for the past 12 months.

The Fine Art Auction Group has recently acquired new premises in the heart of St James’s in London from which we will continue to promote our Wine auctions through both Bid for Wine and Dreweatts. Our headquarters in Donnington Priory is now established as a leading regional auction hub and we will continue to build appropriate Wine auctions from this location as well as in London and via Bid for Wine’s operations in Singapore.

Our next auction is on 12th October for which we are currently welcoming consignments and I hope all existing and new clients will take the opportunity of working with Jack and Dianne to continue the success of the thriving Wine Department. We also continue our monthly timed online auctions and hope that customers of Bid for Wine will continue to enjoy selling via the peer to peer site whilst we finalise plans to update it in line with feedback received over the past 18 months.

James Harvey, The Fine Art Auction Group


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