A rare exception….

A regularly held belief is that as fine wine auctioneers we must spend our whole time drinking the good stuff. In reality this is not true (I probably manage a bottle a week if I’m lucky!). Yesterday was a rare and (extremely pleasant) exception as Chris and I were being treated to lunch at 28-50 by a very generous client.

I arrived to find Graham and Xavier (co-owner and founder of the restaurant) tucking in to a bottle of the sublime 1982 Chevalier Montrachet from Bouchard. This is the oldest white Burgundy I’ve ever tasted and one of the finest. The nose was incredible – loaded with melted butter, a touch of hazelnut and spice. The wine possessed amazing precision too and had a firm acid backbone which must have made it pretty challenging in its youth! It made a great pairing with my starter of squid, cauliflower puree and curry oil.

To follow we had a pair of wines which were bought via a BfW sale a couple of months ago – a 1982 La Mission Haut Brion and its younger cousin the 1990 Haut Brion.  Sadly the 1982 was showing its age and creaked a little (though this was probably partly because we were comparing it with the ’90 – it was still a really fine glass of wine!). The 1990 was stupendous and crackled with life and energy – lots of cedar and black fruit on the nose – a real demonstration of why the Chateau is held in such high esteem.

If the treats we’d enjoyed so far were not enough a bottle of Graham’s 1994 Vintage port rounded things off. This was so vibrant and young that it was hard to believe we were drinking a 20 year old wine. Whilst not a crime to drink it now if I had any in the cellar  I’d probably give it another 5 years or 24 hours in a decanter.

I could go on to write about the wine trade dinner I rolled on to afterwards but frankly that would just make me look greedy. I’ll simply say that Prum’s 2001 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese was everything one might hope for from one of Germany’s finest producers and that a 1978 Knudsen Erath Yamhill County Pinot Noir was a revelation – everyone was guessing early ’90s Burgundy!



2 Responses to “A rare exception….”

  1. Lucky, lucky people!
    Me? I had to put upwith a 1991 Ridge Paso Robles Zin; a 1996 Lytton Estate Syrah and a 1992 Ridge Petit Sirah, all on the same evening …….
    Yup, life is tough!
    Then you die!!!!

  2. Don’t I know it – I count myself very luck! That’s quite a flight of Ridges Tom!

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