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Changes to Bid for Wine’s Terms and Conditions

Posted in News, Site improvements and modifications on January 3, 2013 by AB

Due to the increased volumes of wine we’re handling, it was necessary for Bid for Wine to take additional warehouse staff at the end of 2012 and we are now altering our storage offering to reflect this. Where storage of lots is required (or if delivery instructions have not been received within a week of a sale), wines will be transferred to a dedicated client account to enhance accountability and to allow us to store your wines in your name.

Unfortunately warehouse administration fees will necessitate the introduction of a small up-front ‘per lot’ charge of £2.00 for transfers to the client account. Storage will be charged at our current cost of 20p per week. We recognise that this will be unwelcome but hope that the very significant economies of scale that stem from shipping lots together will go some way to mitigating the impact.

A further change is the forthcoming introduction of a buyer’s premium of 15%+VAT on all consignment auctions (my dislike of these charges is on record but they are forced by commercial necessity!). Unwelcome as this change is likely to be it will allow us to fund substantial – and long overdue – improvements to the site over the coming year. Expect to see a new bidding interface (including the option to place bids on dozens of lots in a few clicks, rather than having to flick through numerous pages) as well as simplified invoices, listing tools and more. Please note that at present buyer’s premium will not apply to wines sold by ‘direct’ listings (i.e those bought from people listing and shipping their own wines), nor those purchased from ‘fixed price’ offers such as that for our Grand Cru Burgundy beating Torii Mor Oregon Pinot Noir.

The roadmap to an improved Bid for Wine site

The roadmap to an improved Bid for Wine site

As a footnote to this, and as with the majority of auctioneers, where Bid for Wine invoices are paid for by credit card or non-UK issued debit card, the additional processing cost (2.5%+VAT) will be added to invoices. Payment by debit card, BACS or cheque will continue to be free and we will of course carry on offering shipping and storage to set ourselves apart from the competition..! We hope that planned improvements to the user experience and an even greater range of wines on offer in 2013 will offset any disappointment the new charges may cause.

Our terms and conditions of business will shortly be updated to reflect these changes. These new terms will apply to our January Feature Auction.