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News and Updates: Our Christmas sale plus new features on Bid for Wine

Posted in News, Site improvements and modifications on December 1, 2011 by AB

We’re pleased to be able to offer our final (and biggest) feature auction of the year – over 275 lots of wonderful wines from 1870-2008 Clarets through to gems from the Northern Rhone, Australia and Burgundy. If you are looking for some high class Christmas drinking then do not miss out on the 67 ‘No Reserve’ listings of mixed cases and interesting bottles.

Bids can be placed online via the site and if you’d like to download a printable auction catalogue there’s one available here.

Auctions close from 10AM on Tuesday 6th December.

New Features on Bid for Wine

Earlier this week we released a couple of new features which we hope will make Bid for Wine even better for all our users and I wanted to explain them.

Navigational Changes

A minor annoyance for the BfW team (and – it seems – everyone else) was the number of clicks it took to get to certain parts of the site. For example if you were wanting to view your invoices, you have to visit the ‘My Bid for Wine Summary Page’ [1 click] and then to select the ‘Invoices’ link from the menu [1 click]. Ideally no page should be more than a click away – and you should be able to access all other main site pages from the page you’re already on.

It’s with this in mind that we’ve changed our menus over to dropdowns – so you can instantly see (and click through to) all the choices on any given menu without having to go to an intermediate page. Changes to the way that a site works can be controversial so if you’ve any feedback or suggestions, please do pass them on to us!

‘Offer to highest bidder’ tool

Quite often sellers set reserves on their lots which aren’t quite met
but, ultimately, they would still be happy to sell at the price the bidding reached. In response we’ve now introduced an ‘offer to highest bidder’ option.

This works as follows:

  1. If your auction ends and the reserve hasn’t been met you’ll be notified by email. This email will also include a link to your listing – click thorugh and you’ll get the option to offer the lot to the highest bidder at the value of their last bid (please note – there’s no option to offer the wine at any other value).
  2. The highest bidder will then receive an email from us notifying them of the offer – they get 2 days to accept or reject the offer.
  3. If your offer is accepted then the normal sale completion process occurs.
  4. There’s a small charge of £0.75 to use the function but we’re sure you’ll agree that this is much better than having to go through the process of relisting the wine a second time around.