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A couple of current offers

Posted in News, Uncategorized on May 10, 2011 by AB

If you’re not currently on our mailing list you may have missed out on a couple of great offers we currently have out:

Rhone Bin Ends

Earlier this year we picked up the remnants of a deliciousy Rhone-centric cellar which had belonged to a real connoisseur of this area. We have auctioned the majority of it off over the past few months but still have a few bits and pieces left.

We’ve decided to offer these bin ends out at a special discount. All prices are at least 5% or more below the next best UK price and if you buy all the remaining stock of any given wine we’ll take a bit more off..!

‘Non-primeur’ Bordeaux

▶adjective & adverb. colloq.
‘Non-Primeur’ refers to the process of purchasing wines available for immediate delivery and in place of futures for unfinished wines which are still lying in barrel.

Advantages of purchasing ‘non-primeur’ include:

  • Price: Vintages purchased ‘non-primeur’ tend to be cheaper than more recent vintages. E.g.

    Moulin St Georges 1995 (RP 90): £395 DP
    Moulin St Georges 2009 (RP 88-90): £410 DP

    Haut Brion 2001 (NM 95+): £3600 DP
    Haut Brion 2009 (NM 96-98): £7600 IB

  • Delivery: Wines are available for immediate delivery rather than having to wait for 2-3 years.
  • Cashflow: Stock can be consumed the day of delivery rather than incurring holding costs whilst waiting for a wine to reach maturity.
  • Certainty: These wines have been tasted in bottle and are an accurate reflection of an estate’s wine rather than being an unfinished ‘assemblage’.
  • Our ‘non-primeur’ offer is comprised of vintages between 1982-2005 and includes a good number of 1995s & 1996s – both of which were heralded as excellent vintages when they first came on to the market, a claim which time has subsequently shown to be valid. We also have a small quantity of First Growths from 1982 and 2001 which look like excellent value in comparison to more recent vintages.

    All the wines are offered DP, including VAT and are available for immediate delivery. All offered subject to being unsold. Usual terms of business apply. Orders can be placed by email to

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