Changes to our user agreement

From time to time we review our user agreement to make sure it still provides everyone using Bid for Wine with the protection and assurances they need. In light of this we’re going to be making the following changes which will take effect on 7th January 2011. No action is required (unless you’re not happy with the changes – in which case, please contact us to close your account.

The changes we will be making are as follows and highlighted in italics:

General Terms of Use
Misuse of Bid for Wine

t. You may not email bidders in a currently open auction being run by a different seller, offering similar or the same items at any price level. Shill bidding (when you or someone you know bids to artificially drive the price up) is strictly forbidden. You may not use an alias to place bids on your auction for any reason nor are you allowed to bid on auctions run by family members, housemates, employees or others with whom you have a pre-existing relationship. You may purchase from them via other formats. Breaches of this condition may lead to referral to law enforcement or other authorities.
x. Without prejudice to clauses 13 [Bid for Wine may refuse our services to anyone at any time, in our sole discretion.]. and 15 b) [b. circumvent or manipulate Bid for Wine’s fee structure, the billing process, or fees owed to Bid for Wine;] & s) [s. attempt to circumvent the Bid for Wine system by conducting transactions off the Bid for Wine system;] above, Bid for Wine reserves the right to charge commission and fees at our usual rates on any transactions (whether or not conducted via the medium of Bid for Wine) between users who have traded with one another on the site in the previous six months.

T. is necessary due to incidents such as this whilst X. is intended to deal with the very small number of individuals who use Bid for Wine as a ‘shop window’ to sell their stock without paying fees (understandably our staff like to be sure there’s money coming in to pay them..!)

Finally we are making a minor clarification regarding consignments to us:

Terms and Conditions of Shipping, Storage & Collection
Insurance and Risk

10. Items consigned to Bid for Wine are insured by Bid for Wine from their arrival at EHD until their sale. Whilst we are able to arrange collections of wine on behalf of consignors, unless otherwise explicitly agreed in writing, shipments are not insured until arrival at our warehouse.


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