New Competition: The 12 Days of Christmas

Between now and 12th December we’ll be running a special competition – win a bottle of fine wine for each of the 12 Days of Christmas!

How does it work?

Well each day we’ll hide a bottle on our auction list and it’ll be available to buy for the nominal price of £1. Search through the list (you’ll have to do this manually as we’ll only give a clue as to what the wine is) and once you’ve found it, it’s a race to be the lucky buyer. We’ll be announcing when the bottle goes up via Twitter so if you want to be the first, you might want to follow us!

What are the prizes?

We hold very little stock but occasionally have bin ends which we’ve bought from clients – we’re digging in to these for prizes as well as sourcing a few interesting bottles from other places… They’ll range from Sauternes to Barossa Shiraz and everything in between. We’ll be announcing the day’s prize once it’s been found and claimed.

How do I get hold of my prize?

If you’re based in London it’ll be available to collect from 12th Dec. Alternatively we’ll give free delivery within the M25 or can ship at cost within the UK.


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