A dream cellar list

Today I have mostly been drooling over a list of wines we’re going to be offering for sale later in the week. It’s the sort of list that makes one contemplate bank robbery, selling one’s soul or any small children you might have to hand (whether one’s own or not). I’m secretly hoping someone’s going to give me a generous birthday present today so I can afford to jump in myself…

So what’s so special about it…? The answer is that this collection represents an incredible number of case verticals of rare wines from the great and good of Burgundy – amongst others Armand Rousseau, Georges Roumier (Le Musigny 1999 & 2002), Domaine des Lambrays (Clos des Lambrays 1998-2002), Anne Gros, Denis Mortet, Robert Arnoux and Domaine Dujac (Gevrey Aux Combottes 1998-2001, Clos de La Roche 2000-2001).

If this plethora of riches doesn’t hit the spot, there are also some fantastic treats from other regions. We’ve cases of Prum Auslese and Goldkap Auslese from 2001, Krug 1990 and multiple vintages of Lafite Rothschild.

With wines such as these the key word is of course provenance. Here too, this is as gold-plated as the reputations of the growers themselves. The seller has been fastidious in his buying – save for 3 cases all have been purchased directly from top merchants ‘en primeur’ offers- and everything has been kept in perfect conditions. This sale will be a true one-off and I don’t expect the wines to hang around for long. If you’d like a preview of the full list so you don’t miss out when the wines go on sale, please email us!


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