Bidding on the ‘Help for Heroes’ Auction

As mentioned here we’re conducting an auction on behalf of Help for Heroes this coming weekend, 15th-17th October. Bidding on this auction will be a little different to usual – so watch out!

  • Until Monday morning, bidding is ‘blind’ – no-one will be able to see what others have bid. Instead you will be able enter a single maximum amount you’re prepared to pay for each lot via a special form (much quicker than normal bidding – we hope to roll the feature out more generally in the near future) and then submit all your bids at once. Bids placed at this point are final, and, whilst you can enter new, higher bids, you can’t reduce or remove a bid.
  • Come Monday we’ll start the auction. You’ll receive an email to tell you where you stand compared to other bids
  • If you’re the high bidder, sit tight and keep an eye on the auction throughout the day. We will of course let you know if you’re outbid. If you’re not winning when the auctions start you can bid in the normal way to increase your bid.
  • When the auction closes we’ll let you know whether you’re the winning bidder. All auctions in this sale will close at the same time though – so we advise entering a single, maximum bid early in the day and leaving it to the site software to bid on your behalf as the auctions close.

    Good luck – and remember your bids are for an excellent cause.


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