A few market observations

It’s the time of year where minds wander towards Bordeaux en primeur and the newest vintage of Burgundy. A recurring theme every year (only voiced by buyers of course) is how prices have increased compared to previous vintages.

With the temptation of new vintages at hand it’s easy to overlook the virtues of buying stock at auction or from well sourced wines on our broking list – for example the few remaining bottles from our feature sales Mature Bordeaux from a Devon cellar or the excellent selection of wines currently offered from a single private collection. Not only are most of these wines competitively priced relative to new vintages, they’re heading towards maturity and the real nature of the vintage (always something of a guess when buying en primeur) is clearer. There’s one cloud on the horizon though – the secret is out and the prices of older vintages are marching upwards. If you don’t buy now then there’s every chance you’ll pay dearly in future.

Another trend in the market which seems to be pursuing a constant upward trajectory is the demand for all things Lafite in Hong Kong and China. We’re regularly seeing Carruades de Lafite selling for prices well above mature 2nd Growths such as Leoville Barton & Leoville Las Cases. Can this go on? It’s certainly not clear – so if you’re holding Carruades or the Grand Vin and are thinking of selling then why not contact us or list your wine for sale now?


2 Responses to “A few market observations”

  1. Hi,

    Do you provide wine brokerage service? I have some wines for investment purpose, searching for buyers.

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