New Press Coverage of Bid for Wine & Exciting News

A very pleasing article about Bid for Wine in this month’s edition of ‘The Drinks Business’ (see here).

I’ll let the article speak for itself but it wouldn’t do to not say anything about our new Singaporean venture which is mentioned. More news about this very soon but suffice to say that sellers on Bid for Wine will shortly have access to a wealth of new buyers in this increasingly important wine market whilst our Singaporean customers will gain direct access to a superb source of well cellared, mature wines.


4 Responses to “New Press Coverage of Bid for Wine & Exciting News”

  1. hi lionel, i guess uk customers can send wine into singapore? i tried sending a bottle of claret into hong kong at christmas and my local post office refused. no booze allowed the jobsworth told me.

    • Hi Jamie.

      We’ll be offering Singaporean clients the option to open a storage account to which wines bought in the UK can be sent. They can then be sent onwards en masse via one of the freight services we use. Of course if people want to send wine directly that’s fine too – I’m surprised by the reaction of the post office (I think they’re wrong) – certainly DHL do shipments of wine overseas.

  2. A Singapore site would be a very welcome edition. As an expat living in Seoul it would certainly cut down on the courier charges from the UK.

  3. keith prothero Says:

    So when is Singapore going to go live Lionel? Seems to be taking for ever.

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