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New Consignment Service

Posted in Auction help and tips, News, Site improvements and modifications on July 9, 2009 by AB

When we first started Bid for Wine, one of our aspirations was to offer people selling large collections of wine a real alternative to the costly and often slow process of using ‘bricks and mortar’ auction houses. We envisaged a situation where wines are sold in a matter of weeks rather than months, where 15% buyer’s premiums reducing the seller’s profit are thing of the past, where commission is a flat 14%. First though we needed enough people to be using the site.

Six months on we now have over 1100 users from across the world who are permanently on the lookout for interesting wines. If you have a large collection or whole cellar to sell, you can now access this audience and take advantage of Bid for Wine’s low fees and rapid selling time via our Large Collection Consignment Service. To access this and for more details, please log in to your account and see our Selling Large Collections page under ‘Sell Wine’. We hope you’ll agree that this service represents the future!


News about upfront listing fees!

Posted in Uncategorized on July 2, 2009 by AB

A recent examination of the way we run Bid for Wine led to our asking a very important question:

‘Why does Bid for Wine charge an upfront listing fee for each auction?’.

The answer is that there is a direct cost attached to each and every auction created (we have to pay for server space) which is covered by our listing fee. We also charge for setting a reserve price or starting price because both of these put off bidders (wines without a reserve price consistently fetch more than those with a reserve price).

What the point about listing fees misses though is that paying £1.75 before you know whether your lot will sell really isn’t terribly attractive! We are therefore very pleased to announce that, with immediate effect, our listing fee will now only be charged when a lot sells. In short you can now list your wine in a no-reserve auction for free – only once it sells will you be charged anything!