New Listing Tools

We’re delighted to announce two new features on Bid for Wine which we hope will make listing your wines quicker, easier and more convenient.

A shortened ‘Auction Wizard’

We’ve just cut our auction wizard down from 5 pages to 3 meaning much less time wasted waiting for pages to load and less hopping between pages if you need to change something.

Page 3 of the wizard relates to shipping of your wines and if you’ve listed wines before, the site remembers what you entered – so really you now only have to fill in 2 pages!

If you still want to use the old wizard then no problem – it is still available, though we may well move over to the new wizard as the only option in the medium term.

An option to save incomplete auctions

We’ve all been there. You’re half way through listing a wine in a spare 5 minutes before going out and the phone rings or you realise you haven’t got a tasting note for your wine to hand. Until now there was nothing for it but to close the wizard and start again at a more convenient time. No more though as we’ve now added an option to save incomplete auctions so you can complete them at your leisure.

1. Click the ‘Save Auction to Edit Later’ button

2. Next time you go to ‘Sell Wine’, you will have the option to finish previously completed listings or to start afresh.
Draft Auctions

We hope you like these modifications – as always comments are welcome!


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