A new User Agreement

Bid for Wine has been running for just over six months now and the business has changed significantly in that time. We’ve been very focussed on improving the site and our service but to date haven’t really backed this up with any written details about how the site deals with issues such as insuring wines in transit, managing the sale of lots consigned to us and what happens if a buyer or seller doesn’t complete a transaction. To that end, we’re today releasing a new user agreement which will take effect immediately for new users and becomes effective on 30th June for all current users. This can be viewed here.

If you don’t wish to accept the new user agreement then please contact us to close your account. If you choose to close your account, it cannot be opened again nor will you be able to use your current User ID or email address on Bid for Wine. After your account has been closed, you may return to the site at any time by registering with a new User ID and email address.

If you are thinking about closing your account please do discuss matters with us before taking this step!

NOTE: 22nd June 2009

Further to the comment below here is a summary of the main changes we’ve made.

The main user agreement is fundementally the same as our original – the major change is that we’ve added terms and conditions specifically relating to wines consigned to us, shipping and where people are buying lots sold via consigment.

In summary:

Consigned lots:
– If we think a wine is fake or there’s a reason why it shouldn’t be sold we’ll withdraw it from sale.
-Sellers need to make sure the wine is eligible for sale in the UK (all taxes paid etc).
-If we think an unrealistic reserve has been set we’ll consult the seller and revise as appropriate.

-We will repack wines in to specialist packaging to ensure they arrive safely.
-We now insure all UK shipments against loss and breakage but will pass on the excess if applicable.
-We now ask that people check their wines on receipt and tell us of any problems within 7 days. Longer than this and it’s hard to get a clear picture of what’s happened

Buying via Consignment:
-We now ask that people settle all invoices for consigned lots within 7 days and don’t bid if this isn’t possible as we aim to pay sellers within 7-14 days from the close of an auction.
-We have reserved the right to pass on the extra costs we incur where people pay for lots using a credit card. This isn’t going to happen at the moment but may change if we introduce a new payment system later in the year. We will of course make sure people can pay by other methods if this goes ahead.


2 Responses to “A new User Agreement”

  1. Christian Martin Says:

    There are a lot of words in the new agreement – can you please summarise the changes?

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