Some news and comments

As mentioned on our homepage and elsewhere on this blog, we’ve a great sale coming up in early March which will feature some top Bordeaux and Port. For those who’d like a truly authoritative view on the wines for sale, Jancis Robinson released some notes on her site yesterday. These can be found on her website under the title ‘Assorted mature clarets’. I should add that we have another excellent private cellar which will shortly be auctioned in 3 portions with the first coming up for sale in the next week or so – so if you’re in the market for some Ridge, Angelus, Trimbach, Noon etc then do keep checking the site!

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve recently received a few questions about auction deadlines which keep changing in the closing minutes. Rest assured, this is a deliberate feature though we’ve been very bad at publicising it (there’s just a brief mention in the help section here). When we first looked at other auction sites out there a recurring theme was the help available for those who don’t want to play fair in the bidding process (just google ‘bidding ebay’ and look at the ads on the right hand side). We therefore decided that any bids entered within the last 2 minutes of an auction should extend the deadline by another 2 minutes which means that only genuine, manual bidders (or anyone with a maximum bid above the current price) can win the auction. I should add that we’ll shortly be making the function explicit with a message saying ‘new bids will extend the auction deadline by 2 minutes’ or something similar.


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