A game of 2 halves.

Yesterday saw the close of Bid for Wine’s feature auction ‘Superlative Syrahs’. This included some stellar wines – La Chapelle 1990, La Chapelle 1978, Grange, Chave. At the same time, another major auction house was running a big sale. Digging through results this morning a clear difference was apparent:

Carnage in London with many lots not selling, whilst Bid for Wine acheived some excellent prices for sellers.

So, you’ll say, ‘surely I should be buying in London’? – well not necessarily!

  • Bid for Wine charges very low commissions compared with a normal auctioneer meaning that sellers will often accept lower prices because they’ll still end up with more money in their pocket overall- and the buyer gains from the pricing too.
  • There are no charges for buyers on Bid for Wine meaning that the price you see is the price you pay. Contrast that with the saleroom where a bargain often becomes expensive once you’ve paid buyer’s premiums, VAT charges et al. Because there’s no buyer’s premium going into the auctioneer’s pocket this also means a good deal for the seller who doesn’t see buyers building a discount into their bids to offset the extra costs.
  • Furthermore Bid for Wine allows you to be in attendance at any sale without leaving your desk. This means there’s no more missing that bargain or special bottle because you were stuck in the office or couldn’t place a telephone bid.

The following gives an indication of prices we achieved yesterday:

  • Hermitage La Chapelle 1990, Jaboulet (1 bottle) – £355
  • Hermitage La Chapelle 1978, Jaboulet (1 bottle) – £445
  • Chave Hermitage 1995 (3 bottles) – £350

In addition, an excellent price was acheived for the ‘star lot’ of Cote Rotie 2005, ‘Hommage a Etienne Guigal’. This attracted bids upto £1100 and just failed to reach its reserve. However, an offer post-auction saw the magnum sell for £1250 – money which will go directly to The Pebbles Project which helps underprivileged children in South Africa.


One Response to “A game of 2 halves.”

  1. keith prothero Says:

    Great that you achieved such prices Lionel,especially in this market.Obviously particularly pleasing that the Guigal magnum received its reserve and the kids of Pebbles will be delighted!!
    I query the point of the winesearcher ref as if one clicks onto this,you have to fill in details of the wine and vintage.Would it not be better to have a direct link to the wine itself?

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