New features!

We’re delighted to announce that round one of the improvements promised in our newsletter a couple of weeks ago have made it on to the site.

  • Intelligent auction listings – the site now remembers what you’ve previously entered under ‘delivery details’ so you don’t have to re-enter them every time. By my stopwatch, this saves about 25 seconds per listing!
  • New listings search – You can now search for auctions by when they were listed (Last 24 hours/Last 48 hours etc). Now you can log on every day and easily see what new and interesting lots have appeared!

  • The good news is that even more features are scheduled to appear in the next 10 days so keep checking back!


One Response to “New features!”

  1. keith prothero Says:

    Well done Lionel. You really have an excellent site that is very user friendly and in my view provides an excellent service to anyone wishing to buy and sell wine.
    Obviously a difficult economic climate to launch any new venture,but I am sure that if sellers place realistic reserves,buyers will be attracted,and over time BFW will be a success.

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